Introduction and History

TRI Environmental Consulting Inc. was incorporated in 1982 to provide consulting and engineering services related to the management of solid waste, pollution control, and issues associated with contaminated sites. TRI became a subsidiary of the CCMET Group of Companies in 2010. We are proud of our 34 year history of serving our clients with integrity. Our mandate is to act as an advocate for our clients, to assist in designing environmentally responsible solutions for difficult environmental issues, and to provide innovative and cost effective solutions.

TRI's Reach across BC

We are very proud of our broad reach across British Columbia. With over 30 years of experience, TRI has successfully completed thousands of projects throughout the province and beyond. We can’t possibly show every one (the pins would be piled on top of each other!), but the map illustrates the cities, towns, communities and regions where TRI has completed projects.

TRI has the ability to respond to the most complex environmental problems. We can help, whether your project is in the heart of the city or in the most remote geographical area.

TRI locations map