Contaminated Sites

TRI offers a 30 year history dealing with a complex array of contaminated site issues. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology along with proven scientific and engineering expertise we develop innovative and cost effective solutions for our clients. TRI has successfully completed the investigation, remediation planning, and implementation of clean-up at many of the largest and most complex contaminated sites in British Columbia.

Stage 1 – Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI 1)

Review of historical land uses to assess the potential for contamination of soil and groundwater.
To identify potential sources and the chemical nature of contaminants.
To identify probable contaminated areas and potential environmental risks.

Stage 2 – Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI 2)


Collection and analysis of environmental media to determine the general location, chemical nature and degree of contamination and to determine if further investigation is required.

Detailed Site Investigation (DSI)

Collection and analysis of soil, sediments, surface water and groundwater to determine the degree of contamination relative to standards set by the Contaminated Sites Regulation and the Special Waste Regulation. To interpret and evaluate the data, to delineate the area and the vertical reach of contamination, to conduct a risk assessment, if applicable, and to identify potential remediation

Remediation Plans

Identification and evaluation of remedial technologies, preparation of detailed designs and cost estimates. Plans would include any additional testing, feasibility studies or detailed design which may include risk assessment and risk management. The objective is to obtain an Approval in Principle document.

Site Remediation

Supervision of clean-up operations to the required standard with verification through collection and analysis of samples. Where required, installation of institutional controls for risk management would be undertaken.

Post Remediation Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring to ensure that controls are performing satisfactorily for risk management and to ensure that there is no further contamination.

Approvals in Principle and Certificates of Compliance


TRI will liaise with regulators on your behalf to ensure that all requirements are met. The remediation plan or site remediation will satisfy current regulatory requirements and contemplated amendments, allowing you to obtain the required documentation to move forward with your project.