First Nation Services

It is important to all First Nations that respect for culture and tradition is an inherent part of the consultant’s value system. Such values centre upon the protection of land and aquatic natural environments for food and ceremonial purposes. TRI has a long history of very positive relationships with First Nation clients. We foster a deep appreciation for preservation of the rich Native heritage and culture that is such an important part of British Columbia’s history.

First Nation Land Management Agreement (Land Code)

  • TRI provides environmental services to assist the transition from government to First Nation management of traditional lands
  • We have the experience knowledge and ability to identify historical environmental issues
  • We will guide the development of an Environmental Management Plan which becomes an integral part of the Land Code Agreement

Management of Leased First Nation Lands

  • Assist the Band to develop environmental controls for those who are leasing First Nation’s Lands
  • Such controls may include requirements for monitoring, reporting, waste management permits, etc.
  • Skill Set Development
  • Training Band personnel to carry out inspections of leased FN land.
  • Training for safe management of regulated products
  • Health and safety training for personnel handling chemicals