Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous Materials Management

As a developer, property manager, realtor, or environmental lawyer you may encounter a broad range of environmental problems. It is sometimes difficult to know where to reach out for help with complicated problems such as mould, lead paint or asbestos. TRI would be pleased to send one of our trained professionals to help you assess the situation.

Based on our findings, we can create an action plan to ensure that you obtain the necessary approvals to move ahead with your project.

TRI serves the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial markets. Our team includes EPA/AHERA certified personnel, Professional Chemists, Professional Engineers, and Agrologists.

Our Hazardous Materials services include:

  • Sampling of Suspected Hazardous Materials: Asbestos, mould, lead.
  • Assessment: Mercury, tanks containing fuel or other materials.
  • Radon and Radiation: Detection and Assessment.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Sampling and assessment of temperature, relative humidity, light, sound and dust; development of exposure control plans.
  • Grow Op and Drug Testing: Sampling of mould and bacteria, noxious gases, soil vapours, and contamination spreading to soil and groundwater.