Permitting for new Landfills

Obtaining a permit for a new landfill is a complex process that requires careful handling. A landfill is generally not seen as a positive addition to the landscape, and can elicit very vocal and well organized opposition.

TRI has extensive experience guiding clients through the specified regulatory permit process. We will advise you and act as your liaison at every step, both with the government and with the public.

TRI handles preliminary meetings with regulators, organizes and conducts the public consultation process, carries out all required investigations, and assists with negotiations. We will develop a monitoring plan, a preliminary closure plan, and prepare the required Technical Assessment Report.

Landfills Closures

Closing a landfill requires a specified plan to ensure that the site is environmentally stable. This requires collection of groundwater and landfill gas monitoring data, with a formal plan to deal with drainage, leachate and gases.

A groundwater interception process may be designed, depending upon the leachate profile. The landfill will require an impermeable cap, and levelling of the terrain to prevent slope failure. Finally, a re-vegetation plan will be developed utilizing plants native to the site.