Storage Tank Management

Storage Tank Management

TRI provides extensive services related to the management of underground and above ground storage tanks. Strategies may include either removal of the tank, with associated cleanup, or management of the tank in place. TRI will provide a cost effective site assessment to allow quick management decisions.

Services include:

  • Locating buried tanks and piping.
  • On-site analysis.
  • Site investigations to determine extent of contamination.
  • Development of cost effective site remediation plans.
  • Project management and supervision of cleanup.
  • Regulatory approvals for site remediation plans including “comfort letter” from agencies when clean-up is completed.
  • Assurance that contractors are in compliance with transportation regulations.
  • Collection of samples to ensure that all compliance requirements are met.

Residential Heating Tanks

Most homes built prior to 1960 have an underground storage tank on the property. Over time, the tanks begin to rust and break down.
Leaking furnace oil eventually makes its way to nearby creeks and streams. TRI assists homeowners to find the most cost-effective


Many municipalities have enacted legislation requiring homeowners to remove, or to carefully manage tanks located on their property.

What can TRI do for you?

  •  Assist homeowners to evaluate the condition of their tank and oversee either removal or in-situ tank management, as appropriate.
  • Provide a report for the local municipality or fire department, confirming that the tank has been removed or cleaned-up to meet regulations.