TRI Environmental Consulting was founded in 1982 in response to a growing need for environmental management of the Province’s precious natural resources. Our mandate is to provide practical, cost-effective solutions for complex environmental issues. To accomplish this important goal, TRI employs a multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified engineers and scientists.

TRI hires only the best. In addition to impeccable academic qualifications, you will find that Team TRI brings loyalty, motivation and performance excellence to resolving your environmental challenges. In addition, our team speaks several languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Urdu, Tagalog, Hindi and Punjabi.

Umaakant Narang P.Eng.

General Manager

umaakant narang general manager

Mr. Umaakant Narang is the General Manager and Senior Technical Reviewer for TRI Environmental Consulting Inc. As a professional engineer, he specializes in contaminated site assessments (Stage 1 and 2 Preliminary Site Investigations, Detailed Site Investigations, Remediation Completion Reports, and Post‑Remediation Investigation Reports), Preliminary and Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments, and Certificate of Compliance facilitation, management of environmental investigations, business development, and increasing operational efficiency.

Experience and expertise has focused on providing strategic advice to clients on how best to achieve their goals and successfully completing their projects in a timely and cost efficient manner.  Mr. Narang has over 28 years of experience in conducting and overseeing assessments of sites for contamination; development of remediation plans and specifications related to Environmental Remediation programs; and provision of on-site supervision and consulting services during remediation and/or risk management projects.  He has also managed, coordinated and completed data analysis and reporting on waste management/characterization projects.  He has extensive knowledge in the hydrogeological field, including the successful management of projects involving underground storage tank investigations, groundwater plume delineation, aquifer characterization and treatment of groundwater contamination.

He has up‑to‑date knowledge of remediation technologies, including bio-remediation, vapour extraction, and groundwater treatment methods.  Mr. Narang has also managed occupational hygiene projects undertaken at various locations in British Columbia and Alberta, including several hazardous material survey projects and health hazard assessments of industrial and commercial sites.

Lori Larsen P. Ag., CSAP

Senior Project Manager

Lori Larsen

Ms. Larsen is a Senior Environmental Professional in the Environmental Group in Burnaby, BC.  Ms. Larsen has over 25 years of experience within the environmental industry in investigation, assessment, and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater.

Ms. Larsen was appointed to the Roster of Approved Professionals by BCMOE in May 2005 and is member of the Contaminated Sites Approved Professional (CSAP) Society.  To date she has reviewed files and submitted Approved Professional recommendations for 95 Ministry Instruments of varying types (Certificates of Compliance, Determinations and Approvals in Principal).  About half of those recommendations (46) have been made between 2011 and 2016.

Ms. Larsen has undergone three CSAP audits with successful results each time. Ms. Larsen provides Approved Professional review and or recommendations for remediation plans, applications to unfreeze development permits, review of monitoring results. She liaises with the BC Ministry of Environment effectively through her extensive submissions for releases of: drinking water standards, development permit releases, and exemption of specific groundwater constituents’ from applicable the Contaminated Site Regulation (CSR) standards due to elevated background concentrations.

Ms. Larsen also does project management for site investigations and remedial activities which includes proposal preparation, budgeting, staff assignment, coordinating monitoring and remediation projects and development of sampling/closure plans. She brings her knowledge of both the current regulatory regime and the industry and development business sectors to bear while developing and managing defensible diligent site-specific programs.

Deepak Varshney B.Sc (Geol.), GIT

Environmental Geologist and Project Manager

Mr. Varshney has eight years of experience in environmental, structural, and geotechnical consulting, and is a certified APEGBC Geologist‑in‑Training with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences. His environmental experience includes the design, management, and execution of several large‑scale drilling and remediation programs as part of regulatory applications (e.g., Certificates of Compliance), in addition to extensive project work as part of Stage 1 and 2 PSIs, DSIs, PRSGIs, and soil and groundwater remediation. 

As a project manager at TRI, Mr. Varshney is focused on providing strategic advice to clients on how best to achieve their goals and successfully complete their projects in as timely and cost efficient manner as possible.

Ryan Pallard GIT, BSc.

Environmental Geologist

Ryan Pallard

Mr. Pallard has two years of experience in environmental and exploration geology, and is a certified APEGBC Geologist‑in‑Training with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences. His environmental experience includes the execution of remediation programs as part of regulatory applications (e.g., Certificates of Compliance) and extensive project work as part of Stage 1 and 2 PSIs, DSIs, PRSGIs, and soil and groundwater remediation.

Mr. Pallard is well versed on underground storage tank (UST) removal and excavation assessments. Additionally he is experienced in the planning of large-scale remediation programs and environmental monitoring programs.

Wendy Arseneault DTech, BC-CESCL

Senior Environmental Technologist

Wendy Arseneault

 Ms. Arseneault has over ten years in the environmental industry including supervision of waste surveys, contaminated sites investigations, wastewater plant operation, and the collection of ecological data. 

Her tasks have included supervision of workers, data analysis, completion of detailed site work, and report preparation.

Leandro Torrella RPBio, CBiol, BSc, BC-CESCL, EPt

Environmental Biologist

Leandro Torrella

Mr. Torrella is a Registered Professional Biologist and a Chartered Biologist with ten years of environmental experience in the industry. In addition to his experience in Riparian Area Management and the ecology of wading birds, he is skilled in erosion and sediment control plans, contaminated sites work such as excavation, well installation and sample collection.

He has also worked extensively on Waste Characterization Studies for TRI.Mr. Torrella was the co-recipient of the North American Crane Working Group Special Achievement Award – 2003.

Matthew Bonin GIT

Environmental Scientist

Matthew Bonin

Mr. Bonin graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus with a BSc in Earth and Environmental Sciences and is a certified “Geoscientist-In-Training” with APEGBC. He has experience on Stage 1 and 2 Preliminary Site Investigations, Detailed Site Investigations, and Waste Characterization Studies. Including report preparation, site field work, sampling and monitoring. His involvement in a range of projects displays his variety of skills and technical knowledge.

Bhavdeep Sahota

Environmental Scientist

Sandi Bandara

Environmental Scientist

Spencer Schoen

Environmental Scientist

Kiran Alla

Environmental Scientist